Drinking Water Testing Resources

Remember the last time your well water was tested?

If the answer is, NO!  Perhaps it is time for another test. Information on water well maintenance and testing well water is available from Public Health Madison and Dane County

Well Water Testing Recommendations

  • Test your well water every year for contaminants including coliform, bacteria, and nitrates. You should also test if you notice any change in taste, odor or appearance, or after flooding .
  • Visit the Drinking Water Testing page for testing information or call the Public Health Lab at (608) 243-0357.  Public Health Madison and Dane County can recommend other tests depending on your well’s location, age, etc.

Well Maintenance

For basic information about well water system maintenance, see Tips on Maintaining Your Well PDF . Information is also provided on Disinfecting Contaminated Wells PDF .

Contact Environmental Health

Good health depends on safe drinking water, check your well regularly.