Notice of Ordinance Adoptions and Amendments

Please take notice that the Town of Cottage Grove, Dane County WI has recently enacted the following ordinances:

Ordinance No. 2024-05-06 revising section 04.07 Fire Protection within Building – Knox Box was adopted on May 6, 2024.  This amendment added a requirement for any property with a locked fence or gate to install and maintain an approved Emergency Services Repository Unit.

Ordinance No. 2024-05-20a regarding the operation of All-Terrain and Utility-Terrain Vehicles was enacted on May 20, 2024.  This ordinance establishes the location of ATV/UTV routes within the Town and regulates their use.  Note that routes will open once the Town Highway Superintendent has confirmed all signage is complete.

Ordinance No. 2024-05-20b amending Chapter 12 – Uniform Building Code, was adopted on May 20, 2024.  This amendment incorporated recommendations from the Town Building Inspector based off the State’s model ordinance and contains all the elements and verbiage required by the State with regards to building inspection and code adoption.

The full text of the above ordinances may be obtained at the Town Clerk-Treasurer’s office at 4058 CTH N, Cottage Grove, WI or through the town’s website:  For additional information contact Town Clerk-Treasurer Kim Banigan at 608-839-5021 or