Budget Process

Each Fall the Town Board holds budget workshops to plan the budget for the following year.  This is followed by a public hearing that must be noticed at least 15 days in advance and include a summary of the proposed budget.  After the public hearing, the town tax levy must be approved by the electors at a special meeting that is also posted at least 15 days in advance.  Then the Town Board must formally adopt the budget.

A public hearing for the 2022 Town Budget was held on Monday, December 6, 2021.  No members of the public had an questions or comments.  The Town Board approved the budget at their December 6, 2021 meeting.  The approved budget is linked below in both summary and detailed form.

2022 Budget Details

2022 Budget Summary

Prior Year Budgets

Property Taxes

The Town's collection of 2021 (payable in 2022)  first installment taxes is now complete.  Tax payments after January 31st must be made to the Dane County Treasurer.  See https://treasurer.countyofdane.com/  for more information.

Tax bills and payment history are available at http://accessdane.countyofdane.com or from the Town Treasurer at treasurer@towncg.net or 608-839-5021 ext. 131.

A SPECIAL TOWN MEETING OF THE ELECTORS, called by the Town Board pursuant to s.60.12(1)(c), Wis. Stat., was held on December 6, 2021 to adopt the 2021 town tax levy of $1,738,962.  This levy resulted in a Town mill rate of $3.3021, down from $4.1396 in 2021.

2021 Mill rates are shown below.


Other Information

Annual Reports and Audited Financial Statements

Tax Payment Instructions 2021

Tax Bill Explanation

Frequently Asked Tax Questions

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