Building Inspection

Please contact the Town Building Inspector directly to obtain your building permit prior to the anticipated start date of your project.  Once applied for, allow 3-5 days for general applications to be processed.  Permits are required even if you are doing the work yourself.  A permit is not considered issued until paid for.

Town Building Inspector

Jim Trebian
Phone: (608) 697-7779

The Building Inspector will notify you when your permit is ready, along with the amount due.  You may pay for and pick up your permit at the Town Hall between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 12:30 p.m., M-F (closed Fridays between Memorial Day and Labor Day), drop of or mail a check to Town of Cottage Grove, 4058 County Road N, Cottage Grove, WI  53527, or pay online with a credit or debit card at  (A 2.95% convenience fee, $1.00 minimum) will apply to online payments).  Office staff will email or mail any permits not paid for in person.


  • New Construction on Homes, Duplexes, 4-Units
  • Any alterations to an existing structure...
    • Additions
    • Decks OR Screen Porch
    • Garages
    • Re-Siding
    • Re-Roofing
    • Changing/Adding Electrical
    • Changing/Adding Heating
    • Changing/Adding Plumbing
    • Changing/Adding Major Appliances (furnace, air conditioning, water softeners)
    • Remodeling or Finishing Basements
  • Pools
  • Garages or Sheds
  • Demolishing any building
  • Any Construction to Commercial Property (Also requires Design Review.  See section 12.08 of Chapter 12 - Building Code )

When in doubt, please call the building inspector at (608) 697-7779.

Are you planning a project involving earth moving or land disturbance? You may need an erosion permit from Dane County. Click here for more information.

If you are adding any additional structure on your property, or making any changes to the footprint or volume of your existing structure(s) by adding a deck, porch, garage, or addition, you must first contact DANE COUNTY ZONING. They will let you know what your setback, lot coverage, height, etc. restrictions are based on the current zoning of your property, and issue a zoning permit to show your plans are in compliance.Once you have visited that office and obtained your zoning permit, contact the building inspector at (608) 697-7779 to set up an appointment to come in for your building permit.

If you are doing any other work that does not require a visit to the Dane County Office, you can skip that step and give the building inspector a call at (608) 697-7779.

    • A sketch of your project:
      • If it is a basement finish - sketch out the rooms
      • If it is a shed - indicate where it will sit on the property in relation to other property items
      • If it is a new residence, – full set of plans, HVAC loss calcs, name, address & license numbers of general, electrical, plumbing and heating contractors, site plan, and a copy of your Dane Co. Zoning permit (typed copy).
    • Your contractor(s) name and address w/their license number
    • Any and all pertinent information related to your project.