Meetings of the Electors (Town Meetings)

If you are eligible to vote in an election for the Town of Cottage Grove, you are an "Elector".  Meetings of the Electors are called Town Meetings.  Specific powers of the electors can be found in Section 60.10 of the Wisconsin Statutes.  See the Local Government Center Fact Sheet on Town Meetings for more information.

Each year the Town of Cottage Grove holds at least two Town Meetings:

  • The Annual Town Meeting is held the third Tuesday of April each year.  The agenda includes a presentation of the prior year financial statements and other current topics as identified by the Town Board.  This is the only meeting where agenda topics can be added at the meeting and by electors.
  • A Special Meeting of the Electors is called by the Town Board each fall for the purpose of  adopting the current year town tax levy to be paid in the following year pursuant to s.60.10(1)(a), Wis. Stat.

Agendas are posted by noon on the Friday prior to the meeting.  Click here to subscribe to meeting notices.