Change of Land Use

A change of land use is required if you wish to use your property in a way not listed as a 'Permitted Use' for the zoning district the property is in.   Dane County's Zoning District Fact Sheets are a good resource for learning about permitted uses.

Your requested change of land use could involve a rezone, a conditional use permit (CUP), or both, and often involves a land division as well.  The Dane County Zoning Department staff can help you find the best solution.

The first step is to file an application with the Dane County Zoning Department.  Please see information at these links:

Next, complete a Change of Land Use Application and submit it to the Town Clerk, along with a copy of your application to Dane County and the required fee.
Full application requirements and change of land use procedures can be found in section 15.04 of TCG Chapter 15 - Land Division and Planning Code at

Applications must be submitted at least two weeks prior to the Plan Commission Meeting at which action is desired.  The Plan Commission generally meets on the fourth Wednesday of each month.  The Plan Commission will make a recommendation to the Town Board, which the Town Board will consider at their next meeting.  Then, the Town Clerk will report the Town Board's action to Dane County.  Rezones go to both the County Zoning and Land Regulation Committee (ZLR) and the County Board.  CUPs are decided by the ZLR.