Change of Land Use/Land Division/Subdivision

A change of land use is required if you wish to use your property in a way not listed as a 'Permitted Use' for the zoning district the property is in.  Your requested change of land use could involve a rezone, a conditional use permit (CUP), or both, and often involves a land division/subdivision as well.  Procedures for changes of land use, land division and subdivision are defined in section 15.04 of TCG Chapter 15 - Land Division and Planning Code.  Limitations apply to changes of land use in the City of Madison's Potential Expansion Area (area A in Intergovernmental Agreement (Madison-Town of Cottage Grove).

In all cases, a Petition for Change of Land Use will need to be filed with the Town Clerk, by the first Wednesday of the month of the Plan Commission meeting you wish to be heard at.  The petitioner will also be required to apply to the Dane County Zoning Division.  Please see information at these links:

You will begin your journey by appearing before the Town Plan Commission, which will make a recommendation to the Town Board.  You will also be required to appear before the Town Board.   Then, the Town Clerk will report the Town Board's action to Dane County for consideration by the Zoning and Land Regulation Committee (ZLR) and the County Board.