Permit to work in the Town Road Right-of-way

TCG § 08.03 states that "No person shall make any excavation or fill or install any culvert or make any other alternation in, under or through any town roadway or in any manner disturb any Town right-of-way or bridge without applying for and receiving a permit from the Highway Superintendent.  The Highway Superintendent shall review applications for right-of-way permits with the Town Board."

To apply for a permit to work in the right-of-way, submit a completed Application for Permit to Work in the Right-of-Way to the Town Clerk.  If not already on file, you will also need to submit certificates of insurance with the Town of Cottage Grove shown as an additional insured for both the applicant and the contractor. Payment of fees as calculated by Exhibit B of the form with your application will avoid the $20 administrative fee charged if the Town has to invoice you after approval.  Payment can be made by check payable to the Town of Cottage Grove, or by credit or debit card in person at the Town Hall or online at:

If paying online, you will need to select Road right-of-way permit from the *Permit/License/Fee Type dropdown field, and indicate the location where work will be performed in the notes field.  (Ignore all other irrelevant fields).

Your application will be considered at the next regularly scheduled Town Board Meeting (typically held on the first and third Mondays of each month), and you can expect the Clerk to transmit your permit to you within the next couple of days.

When your project is complete, the Highway Superintendent will review your work and the Town will bill you for anything beyond the fees already paid.  The Town Board also has the authority to require a deposit prior to issuance of the permit.