Park Reservation

Any organized use of a Town park requires Town Board approval.  TCG Ord. Section 10.05(c) states:

(c) No organized event shall take place in a public park within the town limits without permission of the town board. This includes, but is not limited to, competitive sport games or practice sessions, parties, etc, and the placing of any structure (e.g. goals, tent, portable toilet, etc.) in a public park. An administrative fee, set by resolution of the town board, shall be paid to the town treasurer prior to town board’s consideration of any organized event. Upon approval of the event, the event organizers shall be required to sign a hold harmless agreement to indemnify the town. At the town board’s discretion, a security deposit may be required from the organizers of the event, which will be returned after the event provided the town does not have any expenses relating to clean-up or repair as a result of the event.

As of 08-26-2020 the fee is $25.00, but check the Current Fee Schedule to be sure.

If you would like to reserve a Town Park, please type something up to describe your planned use of the park and submit that to the Clerk with the fee and the signed hold harmless agreement. We can then put that on the next Town Board agenda for approval. We generally notify the residents adjacent to the park to make sure they don't object, so you may want to give them a head's up so they hear it from you first.

For more information about Town parks, please see