Municipal Court FAQ

Must I appear on the date set forth on my citation?  See Municipal Court Initial Appearances.

Can I reschedule my court date?  See Municipal Court Initial Appearances - Rescheduling Initial Court Appearance.

When is the court in session?  See Municipal Court Calendar.

How do I know what plea I should enter?  See Municipal Court Pleas.

How can I pay my forfeiture?  See Municipal Court Payment.

Can I get an extension to pay my forfeiture?  See Municipal Court Payments.

If I plead not guilty, what happens next?  See Pretrial Conference.

If my case goes to trial, what can I expect?  See Trial.

If I lose my case at trial, can I appeal?  See Appeal.

What are my rights if I'm arrested for operating while under the influence/"drunk driving?" See Operating While Under The Influence (OWI)

Can I request a poverty hearing? See Poverty Hearing

Can my case be reopened after a finding of guilty?  See Reopen Hearing.