Dog License Information

All dogs kept in the Town of Cottage Grove are required to be licensed by the time they are 5 months of age.  Dog licenses run on a calendar year basis.   Dog licenses issued after April 1, 2020 will be subject to a $5.00 late charge.

Dane County raised the dog tax by $5.00 for 2020 to support the Humane Society.  Fees are $18.25 per dog if neutered or spayed, otherwise $23.25.  Multiple Dog licenses are $50.25 for up to 12 dogs.

Licensing New Dogs:

2020 Dog License Application (Print application and mail with check)  (submit application online and pay with credit or debit card - fees apply)

Renewing existing dog licenses:

Renewals are mailed out in December, enclosed with property tax bills for those dog owners who are also property owners.  Dog Licence renewals may be returned with property tax payments, but must be paid by a separate check from the tax payment.

NEW THIS YEAR: You may renew and pay for your dog license with a credit or debit card at  Online payments will be subject to a 2.65% fee ($1.00 minimum) which will be disclosed prior to your confirmation of the payment.

PLEASE NOTE: TCG  §20.30 Number of Animals Regulated states "No person or household shall own, harbor, or keep more than five (5) dogs in any residential area, with the exception that a litter of pups, or a portion of alitter, may be kept for a period of time not exceeding 18 weeks from birth." Residential Area is defined as "...only those parcels of land zoned principally for residential use and designated under Dane County Zoning Code as any Single Family Residence District (SFR-08, SFR-1), Two Family Residential (TFR-08), Multi-Family Residential (MFR-08) and/or the RR-1 Rural Residential, 1 to 2 acres District."

Generally this means than any parcel of 2 acres or less is limited to 5 dogs, unless otherwise regulated by subdivision covenants.