Alcohol & Cigarette Licensing

The licensing year for all types of Alcohol Beverage and Cigarette Licenses runs from July 1st thru June 30th. The Clerk will mail renewal information to all licensed establishments in April. A public hearing, followed by Town Board consideration of applications, is held on the first Monday in June.

Licensing of Establishments

The following forms are required for Alcohol Beverage Licenses:

The following forms are required for Cigarette, tobacco and Vapor Products:

Other resources:

Licensing of Operators (Bartenders) and Managers

Operator and Manager license applicants must submit the following to the Town Clerk:

  1. A completed Operator's or Manager's License Application
  2. Certification of completion of an accredited Responsible Beverage Server's Course within the last two years, or a copy of a retail license, manager's or operator's license held anywhere in the State of Wisconsin within the past two years
  3. $25.00 application fee - Make Check Payable to the Town of Cottage Grove

The Town Of Cottage Grove Alcohol Beverage Licenses and Arrest / Conviction Records Guidelines was adopted by the Town Board to provide guidance to the Town Clerk and the Town Board in evaluating applications for Alcohol Beverage licenses. Potential applicants are advised to review the guidelines prior to submitting an application.