Comprehensive Plan Update progress report

On June 16, 2021, there was a meeting targeting owners of 35 acres or more and focusing on the future land use map and its policies, along with time for landowner input.  Town Planner Mark Roffers gave an excellent overview of the Town’s current Comprehensive Plan and the update process.  A video of the meeting, his slide presentation and other handouts are linked below. As the Town prepares to update its Vision and Directions volume of the Comprehensive Plan, the Town would appreciate any input and feedback concerning the Town’s Future Land Use map and policies for land use change.  If you have any comments, preferences, or feedback about specific parcels in the Future Land Use plan, please fill out and return the Future Land Use Map Comment Form by July 9th. Hard copies of the form are also available at the Town Hall (4058 County Road N).  If you have any additional questions or comments to share, please email clerk@towncg.net.

06-16-2021 Plan Commission meeting video recording

T Cottage Grove Comp Plan Presentation_6.16.21

Future Land Use Map

Polices for Land Use Change

Future Land Use Map Comment Form

The next time the Plan Commission will be talking about the update to the Comprehensive Plan will be at their August 25, 2021 meeting.

Agendas for Plan Commission and Town Board meetings are available here: https://www.tn.cottagegrove.wi.gov/agendas-minutes/.

A draft of the Conditions and Issues Volume can be viewed at http://www.mdroffers.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/Town-of-Cottage-Grove-Conditions-and-Issues_DRAFT_4.21.2021_with-maps.pdf.  This volume focuses on existing conditions and trends in the Town, rather than policies for the future. There are, however, projections of future population, housing units, and land development demand. The highlighted sections in the volume will be updated once 2020 Census data is released in early fall.

More information can be found on the project site at http://www.mdroffers.com/client-portal/town-of-cottage-grove-comprehensive-plan-update/.