Revisions to Outdoor and Open Burning Ordinance

On January 20, 2020, the Town Board adopted Ordinance 2020-01-20 Revising §11.02 Outdoor and Open Burning.  As a result, Open Burning Permit holders are no longer required to provide notice 48 hours prior to burning, however they are required to call the fire department burn line (608-839-5021 ext. 112 or menu option 1) or visit the fire department web site (http://www.cottagegrovefire.org/burn-permits.html) to check for any burning restrictions prior to burning on the day of the burn.  *As a courtesy, permit holders planning to burn an area exceeding 5 acres in size are asked to leave a message on the burn line to inform the fire department of their plans.

For more information about open burning in the Town of Cottage Grove, or to apply for your annual open burning permit, see: https://www.tn.cottagegrove.wi.gov/burning-permits/

(Those who have already obtained a 2020 Open Burning permit do not need to re-apply).