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Non-metallic Mining Sites

If you have interest or concerns over what is going on at a non-metallic mining site in the Town, register below in order to be notified of upcoming meetings and other relevant information.

The Town's ordinance governing Non-Metallic Mining sites is Chapter 17. Annual permits run from July 1 thru June 30th. Each year, on the first Monday in June, there is a public hearing regarding non-metallic mining permit renewals. The Town Board considers approval of permit renewals at their meeting immediately following the public hearing.

The Town of Cottage Grove currently has three active non-metallic mining sites, all of which have applied for renewal. Two of them are "non-conforming" sites, which means they were in existence prior to regulation by County Zoning, and thus are not subject to County Zoning regulations.

  • The "Gaston Quarry" is a non-conforming site located at 2543 Gaston Road, operated by Wade and Brad Huston of R.G. Huston Company, Inc.
  • The "Skaar Pit" at 3355 County Road N is also operated by Wade and Brad Huston of R.G. Huston Company, Inc. This site is regulated by Dane County CUP #2300.
  • Wade Cattell of Raymond P. Cattell, Inc. operates a site located at 2294 US Highway 12 & 18 that is partially non-conforming and partially regulated by Dane County CUP #2405. There is also a concrete batch plant on this site which is regulated by Dane County CUP #2175.


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