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Please help remove Garlic Mustard from our Town

Web Posted:  5/25/2018 11:58:14 AM
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Garlic Mustard is classified as an invasive species by the WDNR. The WDNR invasive species web page says that it is an ecological threat because:

  • Invades high quality upland and floodplain forests and savannas, as well as disturbed areas, such as yards and roadsides. It is sometimes found in full sun, though most often grows in areas with some shade, and does not do well in acidic soils.
  • Native herbaceous cover has been shown to decline at sites invaded by garlic mustard.
  • Garlic mustard exudes antifungal chemicals into the soil that disrupt associations between mycorrhizal fungi and native plants, suppressing native plant growth

If you see Garlic Mustard in the Town, on your own property or in the road ditches, please help control its spread by removing it. Here is the method recommended by the WDNR:

Hand pull in early spring before seed set. If plants are flowering, place in plastic bags for trash disposal or burn. Cut plants at their base just after the flower stalks have elongated but before any flowers have opened; may have to cut more than once during a growing season. Place pulled/cut plants in plastic bags for trash disposal. Use controlled burns in fall or early spring.

(Obviously any burning should be done on your own property, not in the road right-of-way, and following all of the conditions in section 11.02 of the Town's Code of Ordinances, including having a valid annual burning permit.)

For more information about Garlic Mustard, please see:

The photo below is meant to show you what you should be looking for:




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